New Roof Quotes Fairfax

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Affordable New Roof Quotes Fairfax

Roofing Costs & Prices

New Roof Quotes

Since your roof literally protects you from the outside elements, it’s no surprise that most roofing estimates exceed $6,000. But, like any other home element, there are ways to lower that average roofing cost while still ensuring you have a safe roof over your head.

As you read through our roofing cost calculator, keep your current roof status in the back of your mind. At any time, if any of these issues sound familiar, be sure to connect with up to four roofing pros in your area.
Roofing Estimates

Some roofs are flat and others are steep. Some roofs are made of wood and others, metal. Only touching on the myriad of roof cost factors, it’s no wonder the average cost of a new roof ranges from $5,300 to $12,000. Nonetheless, after analyzing over 19,000 roof installations across the country, we found that the average roof estimate comes in at $6,364.

Because there are so many price factors at play (which we will get to below), owners and roofing contractors have the flexibility to make thoughtful and cost-effective choices. Knowing these factors should empower you to minimize unnecessary roofing costs.
Questions to Consider Before Calculating the Cost of A New Roof

 There are a few questions you need to answer to determine an accurate roofing estimate. These answers will not only guide you through this process, but help you negotiate with potential roofers as they analyze your specific project.

    How many stories does the house have? What is the approximate square footage of the ground floor? What is the garage size? What is the roof type? What is the approximate roof pitch? What roofing materials do you want?

The roof type will not only affect your roofing cost, but your roofing timeline as well. As you can see above, there are six common roof types, all offering their own set of pros and cons. However, as you can imagine, the steeper the roof, the harder it is to install. After all, it’s easier to install anything on flat ground versus a pitched surface. Therefore, all else being equal, you can expect any pitched roof to cost more than a flat roof.

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Square Footage

More materials almost always mean a more expensive roof. Roofs are measured in squares. Roofers will come up with a roof square footage and then divide by 100 to determine how many squares you will need. One roofing square equals 100 square feet. More squares mean more money.


The roof material you choose plays the biggest role in your final roofing estimate. Most Americans go with composition shingles, but has time has evolved, other options have flooded the market, including metal, slate, tile, clay and more. You can see all roofing material prices below, but on average, membrane roofing is the most affordable and clay tile roofing is the most expensive roofing material on the market.
Note: The more complicated the roof type (such as Gambrel or Mansard), the more expensive your roof will be.

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Roof Pitch

If your roof has a pitch over 2/12, it’s considered pitched (and not flat). Roof pitch is defined by rise over run. The run is the distance from the outside edge of a perimeter stud wall to the center of the house. The rise is the distance from the top of a stud wall to the peak of the roof. A roof's pitch is determined by how much it rises for every foot it runs.  



Most ranch type houses measure an average of 15 to 20 squares in terms of their actual roof surface, which translates to $6,725 to $9,000 for the very basic composition shingles roof installed, based on the total installed cost of $450 per square, with a typical 5 years labor warranty.



New Roof Quotes Fairfax

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New Roof Costs

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